Friday, August 10, 2007

It's my Birthday!

August 11th is a very special day!

It's my Birthday! ;) Now, of course I'm expecting gifts from my wonderful family...{and hubby, if it's not that white puppy...look out!} ;)

But, I was thinking, wouldn't it be F-U-N to have a party and GIVE away gifts for my birthday!?! So, that's what I'm going to do!

Any new members that sign up on our site will receive a FREE stamp! :) Consider it a birthday gift from me to you!

Now, I can't give away free stamps, this offer is only good from now until about midnight on the 11th. So HURRY! Feel free to tell your friends, too! Invite everyone you know to the party! ;)

Here's a link to our site: Inque Boutique Click on "Sign up" Now, here's the most important step....make sure you list your reason for signing up "Because it's Stephanie's Birthday". That way we will know you read it on our blog, and you want to be invited to the party! ;)

Big Hugs!

(This offer is for our friends in the US or Canada...sorry to our International friends)


Jen Gallacher said...


I had no idea it was your b-day tomorrow. How fun. :) Hope you have a beautiful day.

ct said...

i already signed up, but just wanted to say, happy bd and best of luck to you! Christine

Michelle said...

I hope your day was fabulous!!
I checked out your website! Great products. Tempting! I just may have to order something :)

rebecca lucille said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Mine is Aug. 12th.... I had a wonderful birthday crop at my house ... it was great!

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