Monday, August 13, 2007

QVC, Luggage and Thanks!

Well, I'm in PA right now, getting ready to on the air at QVC. I'm going on at noon and 5pm EST.

Inside info: If I'm wearing a pink top, you will know that the airline not only lost my luggage, but didn't get it to me in time. :(

If I'm wearing a yellow top, everything is right in the world and I have my luggage, and makeup, and clothes, and my beloved pillow. ;)

Now, with all the flying I've been doing, I KNOW not to check luggage....I carry it all on. BUT today, there was no room on the plane and they made me check it at the door. :( Bye, bye, luggage. :(

Thanks so much for the wonderful emails on my birthday!



Anonymous said...

I just finished watching your second program today! You did wonderful and I LOVE the yellow top :-) How fun! Great Job!

Love, Cousin Jennifer

Jen Gallacher said...

Man, I didn't know you were going to be on. I missed your segment. :( I'll bet it was fantastic.

Carla said...

I saw you on QVC!! And I dont' even watch that channel, ever! But I was having an "I'm not in the mood to really DO anything kind of day (Everyone has those, right???) and sat down in front of the tv and started cruising through the dish guide...and saw SCRAPBOOKING on QVC and decided to check that out. You did a great job!
I just now discovered your it! I also have a blog, if you'd like to check it out -


Prolix fromla Normandie said...
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