Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tips, Tricks AND the Secret Weapon!!!

Hi Everyone!

We are having a great day today at The {Stamps} of Life. :) I taped a beginning Stamping video to share my favorite tips and tricks. Now, if you are a seasoned stamper, you still might find it useful, so check it out.

Oh, I also talk about the "Secret Weapon and where to find it....." {grin}



Amie said...

Thank You for doing this video! This was definitely for me. :)


vickie Lee said...

Hey, Juicy Lucy!!! Love your videos an all your great tips! Can't wait to get your first stamp set!

Bonzi said...

Great video!I love your personality on the videos. Awesome tip on your secret weapon. I never thought about fun foam! Duh!

Anonymous said...

Great video!!! Never would have
even thought about the secret to go to the store today - it's pouring rain but I'm still going !!!!!

Thanks again,

MaryNSC said...

IT is just so good to have u back U just brighten the whole internet..I LOVE my secret weapon too..HUGS

Willow said...

Oh Stephanie...the song is like a love song from your husband to you!!! LOL...Your video was great!!! I am thrilled you have a new company and I look forward to many, many great stamps, projects, tips and of course, videos to capture your incredible personality!!! YIPPIE!!!

Jean said...

I agree - you do brighten the whole internet stamping world. Thanks for the secret weapon tip! Got my first set today and love, love, love them.

Beth Buss said...

Look forward to these videos! Another great one. I am keeping
a hints journal. Thanks.....

Maddie aka CroppyCat said...

I got my secret weapon.... WOOHOO! and it's HUGE *giggles* planning big things!

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