Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Time for another 30 Second Card! ;)

Remember how I completed my last card in less than five minutes? Do I continue my streak and beat the clock again?

You'll have to watch for yourself! Some of our April stamp sets are featured in this project and you will want to see them in action. :)

{If you can't see the above video, click here to be taken to the blog!}

Just a note...we are testing a different video player today. Leave me a comment to let me know if you like it, don't like it, etc. Thanks!

On a Personal Note...I "THINK" we have an official name for the new puppy! {Gosh, we've only had her a MONTH!....You'd think we'd have picked it out much sooner!} I'm so sorry to keep you all in suspense!

The Stamps of Life


Audrey said...

Love the video, but the vocal kept hesitationg every few seconds so it too much longer than the time it was actually suppose to. It may not have been your fault it might be my transmission. Who know?
Always enjoy your videos!

Liz Thomas (wifelady) said...

The video quality was "jerky" and that's never happened before........cute card tho! Can't wait to hear the puppers name!

Deenie said...

You are a HOOT!! Loved the video (love all of 'em!) and great card!! AND....you're right, you should get credit for doing the inside and having to spell out the sentiment!! So, yeah, I'm thinking you did another 4 minute video - way to go!!

RxDrMom said...

Super cute card...I love how you come up with such cute designs so quickly! I actually thought the video quality was a little better this time...mine has been a little slow to load in the past but this one was great-no hesitations at all...but my internet is a little temperamental, so it might just be a fluke! I can't wait to hear the puppy's name...please let us know soon!

Lori said...

I haven't been able to get through the video yet - keeps hesitating and "stalling" which never happened before. Hopefully, it'll stream without interruption so I can see the card. Thanks for the great ideas!

Dianne said...

The quality of the video was just fine. Also the card is just too cute!!! Love the videos...

MaryNSC said...

Video worked super here in SC :O)
If U Dontg STOP being mean to them stamps I am going to tunn u into stamp abuse...HAHAHAHHAHAHAA U r so funny I M so glad U dont edit.
I want to see the PUPPY TOO!!! U can put a face mask on her...

Tracey said...

Steph, your videos always make me smile! Love your card!!

Oh, and the video was fine here!! xx

Vickie Lee said...

The video was much better for me. Not jerky at all. You are so adorable! My husband even watched you tonight and was laughing! You go girl! Love the card too!

Sandy said...

Great video - as always. Love watching! Can't wait to find out puppie's name... are you SURE you're not enjoying this suspense?

Anonymous said...

Love love your videos, you make me smile...Love your stamp sets....Im in SC too and video played great. Karen L.

heidy said...

You rock!! Loved all the video 's AND....you're right, you should get credit for doing the inside and having to spell out the sentiment!! So, yeah, I'm thinking you did another 4 minute video - way to go!!
you gooo girl

Susan said...

I just watched the video and it looks ok. I noticed the same glitches the others mentioned but it was still a great project. Go with the 4-minute time. Inside is always a bonus. 8^)

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