Friday, July 16, 2010

Special Announcement Time!

Ok, a few days ago, I mentioned on Facebook that we had a special announcement...well, here you go.....

{Can't see the above video? Click here to check it out!}

I can't tell you how excited I am that I will finally get to travel and meet you all! If we aren't coming to a city near you this year, don't worry! Our schedule for next year is still in the works! The email address in the video is: stamps @ {take out the spaces}.

If you will be going to the Bay Area show in August, please make sure you stop by and say hi!!!!!

And now....

It's finally time to announce the Blog Hop winners!

All Flower Soft winners please email --> flowersoftinc @ {take out the spaces} with the prize you won and your full name, address and phone number (we need it for shipping!). Thanks!!!

Flower Soft Hop winners!

Marion Glanton
shari (cricutrookie)

The Stamps of Life Winners... please email Stephanie @ {take out the spaces} your name, address and the stamp set you would like for your prize.

Kate O'Brien
Gabriela Seminario

Congrats to the winners! And a BIG thank you to Jeanne Streiff for coordinating the Blog Hop!

It's been a really interesting week...REALLY fun and exciting. Not only do we have the announcement about the traveling, but I'm working on a project that is so top secret, even hubby doesn't know that much about it! Wowsers! Hopefully in about two weeks, I'll get to share more. ;)

Big hugs!


MaryNSC said...

O SHOOT I thought U were going to say North Carolina... LOLOLOL
CKS is in NC Aug 14..

Tracey said...

I think you should look at ScrapFest Canada for April 2011. It would be awesome to meet you!!! xx

Jannarama, aka Jann H Schott said...

Phoenix, ARIZONA!! ;-)

Puppy gets to go to Puppy Camp? KEWL!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

If I send a card that you decide to show at your booth can you as well put some of my business cards with it? If not I understand but it doesnt hurt to ask, I will get exposure any way I can. I am going to start posing my work with you- just been very busy with summer vacation. I have a blog I am working on but.... I am a club member, just not under this email, it is the biz one.

Irene said...

Wonderful news Stephanie! I live near Santa Clara and was planning on attending the Scrapbooking convention anyway- now I have an even better reason to attend!

purejoy said...

how crazy that you are already talking about 2011!! it's only July!!
so excited for you. probably won't be stopping by until you get to the nashville/ashville area, but oh well.

oh, and my favorite part of last month's video (not july) was the DOG!!! omystars, how cute is she!! more puppy!!

Anonymous said...

coolness. does that mean you will eventually move on to the rest of the world?

ie: south island of New Zealand, Christchurch that is... ;)

scrapcessive said...

I am really excited for you!!! I just spent 3 days in Houston at CKC and helped out in one of the booths (made some spending money!) yeah for me! San Marcos is not a bad drive for me and I am hoping to go. Knowing you will be there? I have to find a way to go!! Gonna get working on some cards to send you :) Best of luck, I sure love your stamps!

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