Monday, August 30, 2010

The Countdown Continues....

It's almost time for our next Stamp Set release!!! :)

While we wait, I thought I'd share a video with you...This video answers a Facebook Question re: Markers...

Can't see the video? Click Here!

I also wanted to share this adorable card by Joana from our design team.

This card travels with us in our booth and always gets tons of compliments. She used the boxes4abc stamp set and the build-a-paisley stamp set.

I hope you are excited for our next release! It's almost here! Tick, tock, tick, tock.....

The {Stamps} of Life


Stephanie said...

Hi, Stephanie! I've just started using the Copics and love them........but, I'm looking for an inexpensive way store them.......and your video came just in time! Can you tell me what the name of your holder is or where I can get one? TIA!!!

BTW.....I just love your videos!!!

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie Barnard said...

Hi Stephanie,

I have my Copics in a round about container by Pampered Chef.

I don't think they make them in this color anymore...but I found mine on eBay for pretty cheap! ;)


MaryNSC said...

I ALMOST fell Out my Chair when i saw this...I M not the Mary that tole u about the Bic
But I M telling U the other day I was testing all my Pens and I tole my Friend to go to StaPles and get them BIC pens.. This is to FUNNY!!
I should have taken a pic of my DESK!! I was even using the Whisper Pen set..:O)

Heather said...

I have been lookiing at the Copics but havent gone as far as to invest in any yet. Can you use them dirctly on the rubber stamps?

Im used to my Stampin Up ones and just buy the colours I like instead of the whole set. Also STAEDTLER has a 20 set in ultrafine that you can get also at Staples at a decent price.

mahuntington said...

Thank you for the Bic Mark suggestion. I can't afford Copic's right now, but under $20 souunds like my kind of price. Keep up the good work, love your videos.
Mary Ann

Penne Jackson Norris said...

Thanks for the info about the Bic markers, I'll be running out to get me a set tomorrow morning.

I'm wondering if they blend as well as the Copic markers and also if they "bleed" into the other colors when coloring. Does anyone have any first hand experince with the Bic markers?

Can't wait for the new stamps!!!

Vianna said...

Dont you wish SOMEBODY made a punch to go with these letter shapes - it would make for GREAT letter stickers - love the card!

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