Thursday, August 26, 2010

Organization 101

Ha, ha...organization and Stephanie in the same sentence is pretty funny. :)

I have to be really honest here. I'm a slob. I really am. Looking at my desk, I have a paper towel from yesterday's lunch, a newspaper article that's two weeks old and so much more junk. :)

But, when it comes to my stamps, I want to know where everything is. When I need a stamp, I want it NOW. ;)

Here's a video on how to organize your stamps...Club Members, you know all about this! ;)

Can't see the video? Click Here!

Summer is winding down and as much as I protest, it's back to school soon for us. I am SO NOT a morning person! I struggle more than the kids!

I wanted to show you this adorable card by Rosemary D.

I love how she used the summer4fun stamp set! And the sand looks REAL! Flower Soft is a wonderful product! ;) I love how she turned the wave stamp upside down to make more sand. And the sandals look so cute, I want to slip my feet into them and walk in the sand. ;)

Rosemary, if you have a blog, contact me so I can get you a special Blog Badge letting the world know you were showcased here! :)

Also, there will be a stamp sneak peek on the fan page of Facebook later today....{smile} Become a Fan by clicking here so you don't miss it!

The {Stamps} of Life


Andrea said...

hi Stephanie,
I want to see your video
but I cant it is all black
hugs andrea

Anonymous said...

Mee too. and it says I have to accept the friend request sent. I am sure I have already seen your organization Idea...but don't care. love watching your videos so I want to be able to see it. Thanks. Kristin

Lynn said...

Same here ... love to see your video as I do need to get organized ... just get a blank screen with the message that it is a private video.

Lynn x

purejoy said...

stephanie… i just love your videos. you crack me up!
i saw your video just fine. must have fixed whatever was ailing you!
is there ANY way you can sell the protective sleeves? i have two or three… but i think i might need one more. any chance you might do that?

also, how about a stamp set with sentiments? just all typey.
particularly, looking for sympathy sets (only because the storebought ones are so uber cheesy. and wedding day!
love you and your stamps!

pam said...

I'm a stamper, cardmaker and have been a fan for awhile now but never bought your stamps (not sure why) but when I saw your organization book, sheets showing all of the stamps, etc., I WAS IMPRESSED GIRL! Sign me up! I just joined your club. I had no idea you had all of those stamp sets and cuuuuuuute! I'll be buying previous months for sure. Your club is an excellent deal. Thanks Stephanie! Pam

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