Friday, September 17, 2010

Can You Say.....

TEXAS?!?! :)

That's right! The Stamps of Life is in Texas! We are exhibiting at the Creating Keepsakes Convention in San Marcos, TX.

We've met some great Club Members and we've signed up some new Club Members! Of course, everyone loves our PINK booth. :)

Here are a few quick photos I stole from Ken...he took them, but he hasn't even seen them yet...we are playing "take turns" on the laptop and it's my turn. ;)

The Booth! I love all the *PINK* :)

I thought this one was just funny.

Ken is always taking pictures and for some reason, I just burst up laughing. :)

This is after the first day. Tired, but happy. The chairs in the lobby of the hotel are so fun, I made Ken take my photo this time!

Tomorrow is another day in the booth! We then fly home Sunday morning. Many Club Members have asked if Cookie is here. Sadly, no. We left her home with her big sister and the house/puppy sitter. ;)

We did find out though, that Cookie was playing with what the pet sitter *thought* was a toy...well, it wasn't....






No details yet...that's all I was told...not sure I want to know anymore! ;)

Big hugs!


The {Stamps} of Life


Patti J said...

Are you ever going to grab that camera and shoot the infamous Ken for us? We're all waiting!!! Looks like you are having a blast! If you ever come to the St.Louis area, let me know, and I'll come help work your booth! Hugs!

Vickie Lee said...

You both is awesome! These pics are adorable. Hope CKC is a big success for you. I go to CKC in St. Louis so hopefully you will be there next year. Can't wait to hear more about Cookie's "toy"!! Hugs -

mahuntington said...

Don't you know Cookie just misses you and brought you a present?! Yuck! Great pictures. Looking forward to more.
Mary Ann

Connie M said...

It was a pleasure meeting you on Friday at the CK convention. I was really impressed with your stamps, your booth and your enthusiasm. Hope to see you again next year. I am so looking forward to making some cards with your stamp sets. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I guess Cookie just gave you an idea for a new set....Toys4Cookie. Hmmmmm, bones and toys and a bed and maybe a mouse?!?!?! My brother's dog is good at catching mice and being sprayed by the neighborhood skunk! hugs!!!

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