Monday, April 4, 2011

I have a favor to ask...

Normally, I'd never ask, but it's for someone special.....

My oldest daughter, Kirstin, is turning 18 on April 16th. 

I know, I know....I'm WAY to young to have a daughter this old. 

She was adopted. 

Well, no she wasn't. 

I had her when I was 10. 

Ok, that's not even funny. 

{I really did give birth to her and she really is ours.}  ;)

So, back to my favor....I would love, I mean really love to shower her with birthday cards on her birthday.  :)

If you would be interested in helping me, you can send them to:

The Stamps of Life
Attn:  Kirstin
26895 Aliso Creek Rd.  #B-142
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

You have no idea what this would mean to me.  I'll save them all up and then give them to her on her birthday (which is coming up soon!) 

Feel free to give her some advice...words of wisdom...your favorite Bible Verse.  {PLEASE NO GIFTS!  Handmade cards only, ok?!?}

Thanks so much!



Wendy Hammer said...

Oh, I'm going to try and do this! :)

How are her headaches btw?


Ladybug said...

SHUT UP! She is NOT. I can't believe it! If I babysat her and little K when they were what, 2 and 6 - that makes me really old!!

Sandy said...

Oh Stephanie - she's beautiful! You betcha... I'll help out. BTW - my oldest son is 30... YIKES! I think aliens brought him to me when I was 5.

linda m said...

Hi, Steph!

What a beauty and a cutie! (You take great pictures by the way :)
I just made one for my daughter-my baby-who just turned 25...and I'm only "39"! lol! I would love to send a card to celebrate Kirstin!

Jessica said...

I know exactly how you feel...I am not old enough to have a great grandaughter!!! However, she's now 6 months old, gorgeous and I love her a bunch! It really helps when someone says to me... you really don't look old enough to have a great grandchild. Ahhhh well,I love hearing it, but I see the wrinkles every day ;-) I'll try to get a card out for your beautiful daughter. Take care,TFS and Hugs, Jessica

Beth Devitt said...

Stephanie, I'd love to make a card, I'll send one soon. I feel your pain regarding the age. Mine are ooo I hate to even say...27 and 20. But it gets to be really fun, cus you relate more as equals and friends as they get older.

mahuntington said...

What fun. I'll work on it this week. I'm 71, my daughter is 51 and my granddaughter is almost 21. Where has the time gone? Just stay busy and you'll never notice the clock ticking.

buggin2stamp said...

Are you sure you're not sisters? ;0) I will try to get a card in the mail this week.

Ted said...

She's beautiful., Stephanie... you done good. ;)

She must be a wonderful person if she's an April birthday. Mine is four days later. ;)

I think this is a wonderful idea. She doesn't read your blog I hope?! ;)

Monica said...

She is beautiful! What a great idea. Alas my card will (unfortunately) be done without one of your stamps as we are being good stewards first by paying off other debts then I will join your wonderful club!!! My baby will be 16 in June so maybe I can ask the same favor. What a blessing you are to your family!

mariangel said...

i already made a card i loved it i hope you daughter likes it too

Junebugpins said...

Just sent a card your way for "sweet Kirstin's 18th" How fun! :c) I enjoyed making it for her!
Thank you for all the wonderful stamps each month!
stamping hugs, Melissa

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