Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello, Mates!

I'm back from my whirlwind trip to Aussie land!  {I landed in LA on Mother's Day morning!}

If I could only say one word about Australia, it would be:  fantastic!

Honestly, it was hard to leave!  We (my oldest daughter and I) had the most wonderful trip.  ;)

Before I left, Kristin (Sizzix CEO) asked me to bring back something called "Tim Tams."  Of course, I was not going to admit I didn't know what a Tim Tam was, but I soon found out!

Check out this unedited (and shot by my teenager!) video to find out all about Tim Tams!

Can't see the video? Click Here!

I just have to say, they are incredible!!  :)  

Another thing we learned about very quickly was electricity.  In Australia, electricity is very expensive, so the outlets (they call them power points in Australia...Microsoft stole the name!)  ;)  have on off switches!  Here's a picture:

So, the one on the right is on, the one on the left is off.  We did remember to bring the electricity converters, but still managed to blow out the hair straightener!  ;)  THAT was pretty funny!

So, as I deal with my jet lag, I'll go through more pictures and share more with you this week.  

I'll be honest, I can't wait to go back!



Jayne From Massage Table Center said...


You are so funny!

The originals come in a pack of 11 and it was a real disappointment when the brought out the "deluxe" flavours as they reduced them down to 9 biscuits! :-)

I love you picture of our power point - hilarious what you guys think is funny over here!

Did you try vegemite?

My sister lives in Vermont and she has us send over Burger Rings as well as she cant get them over there either!

Fot said...

They look & sound Yummy ! Lol I'm glad you had a lovely trip

kathy s said...

Hi Stephanie- so glad you enjoyed your stay and if you get a chance to come back come to Victoria I would love to meet you- I agree with Jayne - it's hilarious what you guys think is funny- there are so many things we have that America hasn't so would love you to try- vegemite, but in the craft world we are all the same. How did you go with driving on the other side of the road.

Ine Sanberg said...

You are too funny!!! I have to tell you that I had the same reaction when I first tried Tim Tams, we get them Malaysia and my husband is quite addicted to them!!!

Also a note to save your straighteners, next time you go - you may want to invest in a dual voltage pair as the electricty in Australia is 240v and not the 110v you have in the US. Also if you go to Europe it will be 240v too. Can't have a girl left without her straighteners!!!!

Maxiboy said...
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Tania said...

I will feed your new addiction any time.....but you really need to try this way of eating them....nibble each corner diagonally then suck your coffee through the nibble corners.....BUT make sure your coffee is at a drinkable temperature..... ENJOY !!!

PrincessPammie said...

Haha!!! You found TIM TAM'S they are SO BAD in a Yummy way!!!

Oh looks like you were on the Sunny Coast I should have found out where you were going to be I would have said hello as we were on holidays in Qld - Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast... Did you like the Zoo???

lol as Tania said try with Coffee, Milo etc really Really BAD!!!

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