Thursday, November 15, 2012

A New 30 Second Card! {in Five Minutes!}

Hello, My Friends!

It's time to share another episode of a 30 Second Card!  {in Five Minutes!}.  We all love these segments and this card is a favorite of mine!

Can't see the video? Click Here!
Prouducts Used:
And, just for fun, we had a contest on the blog.  The closest person that posted a comment on the blog was.....
teresazm12:28 PM
You have to do something with the glitter!! I'll say just over 6 mins. 

And since Teresazm didn't list an exact time, I also chose as a winner:

6 minutes 9 seconds

Ladies, please email me with the stamp set of your choice (value $12.95 or less) and your address. 

Congrats on winning!

The Stamps of Life


Amy Jones #8546 said...

OH darn...I thought I had it at 5 minutes 59 sec. Congrats to the winners. Loved your card you made. It was very cute.

Anonymous said...

AWWWW I WAS SOOOOOO CLOSE (6:11) congrats winners- CUTIE CARD I love love love it- I HAVE EVERY PRODUCT of yours on that video AND some great SEI Papers, so I am ON IT! Linda Vigil

Stamp'nHI said...

So my guess was exactly your time! Did my guess not count? I was so surprised when I watched the video that you said 6:10 so when I checked the winner I didn't get...

Anonymous said...

Come on, Stephanie, you didn't talk long enough, hahaha. I just needed you to talk about another 15-20 seconds. 6:02 was a great time for you and the card was really cute. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Mary R.
Chattanooga, TN

teresazm said...

Hi Stephanie,
What is your email address where I can send you my information? I am soooo excited about winning. :) So many fun things to choose from. :)


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