Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Stamps of Life 30 Second Card in 5 Minutes: January Edition

Hello, My Friends!

It's time for another episode of a 30 Second Card in {5 Minutes!}......

Happy Stamping!



Anonymous said...

Loved it Stephanie...I don't care if it did take 7 minutes and 28 seconds! Your videos are always fun and inspirational and we are able to laugh along with you as you work/play.
Hugs, Barb g (WV)

Claire Spielman said...

7 minutes and 28 seconds...sure beats hours on a card any day! Cute and easy and I do love the stamp background!
Creative Wishes,
Claire S
p.s. it's taking me longer to decipher the dumb word verification!!! UGH!

Jacquelene L. said...

I love that background stamp, awesome! Rectangle Flip It, Coool!!! I hate math too, also don't like using a paper trimmer, oh and going to the dentist, YuK. Ok it wasn't 5min. but, you also explained the background stamp so there was more than just making a card! Fun video as always, you make me smile!
Jacquelene L.

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