Thursday, May 10, 2007


It was wonderful! Everyone was so incredibly nice and helpful. I had a great time. You would think after taking the red-eye to get there, I would of been tired, but I was so excited, I felt fine!

Here are some photos.....

This is when Ken and I first got there...we must of looked like total goobers taking this picture with my self timer!

Getting the set ready...notice the 'regular' make-up and hair!

The host, David is very tall....(and I'm short!) Notice the TV make-up and hair! {QVC has a salon that does hair and!}

We sold out of the Around the Block Paper Tagger in less than 5 and a half minutes! What a rush! I'm already scheduled to go back in August. Woo Hoo!

Thank you all for your wonderful calls and emails! They have meant the world to me!

Big hugs!


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for you get home and update your blog! Yeah. I LOVE the pics and how fun to be able to get your hair and makeup done and meed other celebs! You looked beauuuuuutiful. I saw your show and you did wondeful. It made me want one of those taggers :-) I noticed how quick they sold out and that is great. Good job and it looks like so much fun! I can't wait to see you in August again.


Cousin Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You look great and it sounds like it was a huge success. Worth the red eye, right?!?!

Jen Gallacher said...

I heard you pretty darn awesome! I can't get over how gorgeous you always look.

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