Thursday, October 4, 2007

Various Ramblings...

So, school is in full swing...we had Open House this week for both girls. One night I was at the high school rushing through the halls to 'my' next class and the next night I was sitting in little chairs listening to the teacher talk about fifth grade science camp...

It's kind of weird to think I have a kid in high school and a kid in elementary school! It sounds so wrong! Actually, they are only four years apart, but since Kirstin is in 9th grade and Katie is in 5th, that's how it is...

I forgot to share what Ken bought me for my birthday. Sadly, it wasn't the white puppy and Brighton Puppy Bag that I wanted. :(

(Poor guy refuses to pick up after another animal!.....who can blame him!?!)

Anyway, here's a picture of one of my gifts....

It's the most adorable purple beach cruiser! It has a cute basket (ha...for my puppy!) and hibiscus flowers all over it. We don't go bike riding at the beach very often, but I guess we need to more often now! Imagine my surprise to see a bike when I honestly thought I was getting a puppy! Ha, the joke was on ME! {grin}
Well, I need to sign off. It's after midnight and I should be sleeping. Sometimes I find it so hard to turn off my brain. I'm always thinking (although most of the time it's not about anything important!)
Oh well, maybe I'll go catch a show on Tivo.


Anonymous said...

oh i love the bike, and you look so cute on there. maybe soon the puppy will come ?

Cher NH

Jen Gallacher said...

You look WAAAAY to cute on that new bike. Happy B-Day!!

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