Tuesday, April 8, 2008

And the winner is....

Oh, it was so hard to pick a winner from my "Cheerio" post, so I just chose a number. Number 3....so I went and checked, and Carolyn Mcavoy...you were post #3!!!! Please email me your address...I'm going to send you a little prize!! :)

Thanks to everyone that played...check back often for more giveaways. I love to learn about other scrapbookers/stampers/crafters!!! I had such a great time sharing your pets' names with my family. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with me.

My kids are home this week for 'Spring Break'. Sadly we can't call it 'Easter Vacation', since it's no where near Easter! Hmmm. ;( But, the fun thing is, hubby scheduled this week off too, so they are all home. So, he gets to play taxi driver while I work....I'm kinda liking this! ;) Although, he doesn't like to go to 7 Eleven as often as I do....he is such a party pooper! {grin}

Some big news happened at our house. My ten year old has decided this season will be her last season as a competitive cheerleader. {gasp!} She has been a competitive cheerleader since she was five! This was her sixth year on a team. The season is almost 12 months long, so she has been cheering more than half her life!.....It's a sad time, but then it's also an exciting time, since she has decided to take up dance. She will try out for a local dance team next month.

Her goal is to be a Songleader in high school. Big sister is a Cheerleader at the high school and the two together (Song and Cheer) make up the Pep Squad. As long as they are happy, I'm happy too. Although, what to do with a total of EIGHT years of Magic clothes, uniforms, sweats, bows, etc.!?! ;)

So, in the spirit of Magic, here's a video....




Nancy said...

Stephanie thanks for sharing the video of your daughter. I know how your feeling my daughter was in dance for nine years. When she started High School she quit to be on the school soccer team and a cheer leader. She is now away attending her first year of college. I am so proud of the young woman she has become, and all the experiences she has had. I know the same will be true for your daughter too!

sandra said...

hi Stephanie!! loved ur video...i have no kids and i was never a cheerleader but it was a always frustrated dream of mine lol so i enjoy watching competition videos.
congrats on 2nd place too--
also, i wanted to say the music choice was great!! i lubb miley cyrus!! =)

Wendy Lojik said...

Looking good!

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