Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Plastic Surgery at inque boutique?!?

Okay, I don't usually tell secrets like this one, but I just had to share the scoop on someone at inque who has had "a little work done."

We all thought she was pretty great before, but now she's so fresh, pretty and feminine, I just want to show her off!

Watch our latest video and see who I'm talking about, PLUS see a great project idea from fellow Inque member Karen S. from Santa Fe, New Mexico. You won't believe how quick and easy it is to make a beautiful background for projects using nothing more than paper and our ink pads!




Anonymous said...

Stephanie - Hi!
In New Zealand we have the old purple set of inks at K-mart stores for $69.95 Been hinting to my hubby for one (my birthday is coming up) and to my delight i also saw your starter package of stamps..... ohhhhh another $69.95!!!! I already have the inique oringinal starter pack - in fact my first lot of stamps ever! Just love, love love them! And I even got the purple stamp mat. Great products!!!!

Carrie said...

Hey Stephanie!
Love your blog and inque boutique...I noticed you will be on QVC again in September. Do you know when?

Stephanie Barnard said...

Hi Carrie,

So far, the QVC date is Sept. 23rd. I'll keep you updated via my blog.

Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, I am so sorry you will no longer be on video. I watched your videos and got many great ideas, infact I have bought many of your stamps direct from the States because of your videos. Please keep us informed (via your blogg) when you start up the videos with another company. Good Luck for the future. It is a shame the new owners had so little sense! Diane (England)

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