Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wow, it's been a long time....

I can't believe how long it's been since I've updated this blog. Thank you so much to those of you that have emailed me and asked me what I've been up to. :)

Well, I've been busy. When life gives you lemons...well, you know.... {grin}

Artistic Medley is going well. I'll be honest, slower than we expected, but with this economy, many stores just aren't interested in new products. But, we are making contacts and proving ourselves to our clients. Eventually, everything will pick up.

Since I've had free time on my hands, I've finally taken the jump to become a 'pro' photographer. The website is up and clients are starting to call. :)

It's interesting, because I've always dealt with companies/editors/etc. and now I'm dealing with the local public. I'm just thrilled that I've found another creative outlet....as long as I can CREATE, I'm happy.

So, if you are interested, feel free to visit the website...

Pint Sized Portraits

I've finally gotten the blog up and going and you can find it here...

Stephanie Barnard Photography Blog

Am I still stamping and scrapbooking? Of course! Just not everyday.

The most important thing is finding something that makes you happy. And I have. I've re-discovered my love for my family. I've re-discovered old friends. And I've found a new way to be creative. I'm so blessed.

Just the other day, I was photographing a six day old baby. During the photoshoot, I paused for just a moment, and realized how incredibly happy I was feeling. It was such a joyous moment for me. {Ok, I'm such a sap!} {grin}

Go check out the website and leave me some blog love.



Scrapbookjoe said...

im happy to have some news from you! congrats for your new life. Im happy for you.
Josée from canada

Blanca said...

Hi Steph:

I so happy that you already started your own business, I already saw the webside Pint Sized Portraits and the Stephanie Barnard Photography Blog ¡¡¡wow!!! you are and expert to taking pictures.
Best regards
Blanca from Guadalajara Mexcio

KYCrafter said...

What excellent photos!!! You're very talented. Keep up the great work - in every aspect of your life.

Frankfort, KY

Jen Gallacher said...

Big hugs, my friend on some very awesome new ventures. :)

Karenladd said...

Congrats on your new photography venture! Taking pictures of babies, how great is that?!

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