Thursday, September 17, 2009

A New Segment...{Life with Stephanie}

Did you see the previous video?!? A Card in 30 Seconds.... if you did not see the video....YOU HAVE TO! It's my all time favorite video! (And no, I haven't sent the card to Aunt Gail yet...I will soon!)

To watch the 'famous' or is it infamous?!? :) Video, click here!

Now, on to a different kind of video segment...well, kind of. As I've been mentioning, I want to get to know my stamping friends better, and I want you to know me better. So, we've created a new type of video segment....{Life with Stephanie}. Now, these segments are only for the die-hard friends. They'll offer you a peek into my life that not many get to see. (Including close friends!)

After this first {Life with Stephanie} episode, I'll be sharing a Behind the Scenes video of what my studio/office/stamp room REALLY looks like....hahahaha! You are in for a real treat! {grin}

Ok, here's the first episode of {Life with Stephanie}

If you are receiving this via email, you can see the {Life with Stephanie} video by clicking here.

The {Stamps} of Life


Patti J. said...

Stephanie, I had to laugh out loud watching your video! My kids are grown now, but I can SO relate to your story! Thanks for perking up my day! Can't wait to try your stamps! Hugs from Missouri! I'm going to try to figure out how to follow this blog - I don't think I can live without it now that I have found it! (Feel free to come and stalk me as well - I adore visitors!)

cindy.scrappygrammy said...

That was so wonderfully LOL!! I told my kids when they first started going to sleepovers that they were not to call me in the middle of the night if they could not sleep. I also told kids that stayed overnight that they were here for the night, like it or not. Never had a problem but I had friends that had that problem. I so enjoy your blog and videos and with you so much success.

Nana Bev said...

Funny now ... probably not at 3AM. :) I have identical twin boys .. grown now ... but one very early morning we woke to find one of them standing at the end of our bed staring at us. (He said he didn't want to wake us so waited for us to get up.) My DH has never been able to tell the boys apart so he was really perplexed. DS and I realized he didn't know who was standing at the end of the bed so we tormented him for a while by not letting on which son stood there.

Ellen (aka ScrapStampnMama) said...

This is just too funny, thanks for brightening my day!

lancene said...

I was at work one day when my 16-year-old daughter called to tell me to come home because she had to leave and she didn't want THE DOG TO GET LONELY! Gotta love kids.

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