Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Great Project Sheet!

My Design Team has been BUSY creating great projects for us! Here's one from Joana Studer.

How cute is that?!? For the {free} Project Sheet, Click Here.

On a more personal note, our Homecoming game was last night and sadly we lost. But, I was able to get a photography pass to go on the field. What a rush! Here's my cutie....

Lastly, if you are a fan on Facebook, you've already seen this video...(not a fan? Click Here to become a fan...the fan page gets the news first! I even posted a sneak peek for the next month's stamp set!)

This video is for die hards only. It's NOT a stamping video. It's a {Life} with Stephanie at your own risk. {grin}

(And no, it's not a stain on my shirt. I think I hugged my drink too close!) :)

Stephanie reveals more secrets about her daily life. What type of diet drink do you think is her favorite? You won't forget after this new episode! For more of the latest from Stephanie be sure to visit



Natalie said...

You are too funny! I'd never get anything done if I drank that much, I'd be in the bathroom all day!!!

MaryNSC said...


kim said...

Thanks for the laughs this morning. you make me want to go out and try the diet cherry vanilla dr pepper right now! So funny!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious!

You ever see that movie--When Harry met Sally? With Meg Ryan?

I get the feeling that character was written after you-LOL!

Thanks for the laugh--I cannot believe you can drink that much caffeinated soda!
I can't sleep if I have more than 32 oz a day!

and totally agree--Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla is AWESOME!!!

Have you told everyone about how you eat the Sweet N Low right out of the packs?

: )


Linda said...

You are just too much, just love you. I'm with you and the diet soda. The first thing I reach for in the morning is a can of diet coke and it's the last thing at night. I must try the the diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper - it sounds awesome. We must raise a glass or two one of these days. Don't ever change, you are a sweetheart. One of your biggest fans.

Janine said...

Thank you for sharing life with Stephanie, you are awesome and we all love you to bits. You made me smile and that was a good thing since it has been raining all week. I’m looking forward to your November stamps.

Vickie Lee said...

Oh man do I love you! No wonder you are so full of energy - all the pop you drink!! You and your daughter look like sisters! Thanks so much for sharing!

Kelly Mahany said...

I LOVE you!!! OMG! I have finally met someone with a brain like mine!! My family thinks that I am so whacked because when I get a Coke Slurpee from 7-11 (that I add Captain Morgan to if I am not on call for work) I HAVE to have a certain size cup (the next to the largest) and a straw that MATCHES the cup!! I don't care what color it is, but it has to match!!

I was starting to wonder if I had a few loose screws, but I feel so much better today knowing that someone else is wired like I am! We must be normal right????

I love your personality... keep the funny videos coming!! Not sure how to stay so slim eating what you do, but more power to you!!

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