Monday, October 26, 2009

Design Team Gallery Projects

It's almost Halloween! Are you ready?!? {I'm not!} :)

It's so hard to get ready for Trick or Treaters when it's 85 degrees outside! I think fall weather decided to leave us alone in Southern Ca!

Here's a great slideshow of our Design Team Gallery Projects for the Oct. 09 set.

View the amazing projects created by The {Stamps} of Life Design Team set to music in this video. We are sure that you will enjoy their great ideas and you'll want to get to work on your own projects. For all of the latest from Stephanie Barnard visit

On a personal note, my daughter's Homecoming Dance was a success! I was the photographer for about 30 kids at a private party {ON the BEACH!} Fun! One of my daughter's friends was kind enough to take our picture....{I wish I could share with you WHO took the picture, but I have to sleep in the same house as my teenager and I'd fear for my life if I told you!} {grin} ha ha...{BIG grin}...

Did you see the Sneak Peek on Facebook?!? I can't wait to share the whole set with you! The set name is.... Joy2Christmas :) If you want to become a fan on Facebook Click Here!



Vickie Lee said...

These cards are all so beautiful. Love the ideas - off to use my amazing stamp set!!

Ginny said...

Your daughter is soooo beautiful inside and out. How can she not with her wonderful family and faith. I am loving the Gallery. I am with you on not being ready for Halloween. That is my MO though. I can't wait for November 1st....Tons of Hugs Stephanie...

Cynthia C said...

Mother and daughter? NO WAY!! You look like sisters! :-))

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