Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Episode of a 30 Second Card

I'll be honest. When I first started this video series, I did think I could make a card in {about} 30 seconds. Yes, I really I thought I could. :)

Little did I know...

1. How popular this series would be.
2. That I have NO concept of time.
3. That I can make people laugh....(but is it AT me or WITH me?!?!)

So, without anymore waiting, I present the next episode...ok, you have to wait one more moment... I have to say, I've also learned to NOT use pigment ink when taping my 30 second card video episodes. You'll soon see that pigment ink is S-L-O-W to dry. (That's why it's a decent embossing ink...)

So, if you try this at home, don't use pigment ink. Really. You'll soon see why....

(If you are receiving this as an email update, please visit the blog by clicking here to see the video!)



kim said...

oh I'm definitely laughing with you not at you-thanks for doing the videos :)

jennifer said...

the videos show how you can make fast cards. i enjoy watching them so please dont stop doing them.

Bon Bob’s Delights said...

I do love your '30' second card videos. I have one tip for you though. Have a heat gun plug in to dry your stamped images. I love the ink on your fingers because you remind me of myself! I have used a pouncer for my ink blotches!!

Patti J said...

Cute card! Thanks for the fun video's! Give dear hubs a bear hug from all of us!

News Around The Blogs said...

I recently got an email from your company and I guess I have been getting them for awhile and kind of brushed them off without know what they were. Anyway. I actually checked it out and saw the videos and thought they were so funny. I watched them all! I totally understand the soda addiction.

LOL!! I know I couldn't make a card in 30 seconds. You did a great job!!

Viji Siddharth said...

I love watching you and your videos! I love all your stamp sets!! I dont own any! May be one day I will be able to buy! Right now things are tight. You are so so cute!

Corey W. said...

well wasn't that fun! and since I have the stamps I'm not going to ooh and aah over them again - what I'm going to oooh and aaah over is that cute little cutter that I now think I need and your "purse"....wonder if I need that just because it's stylish???? LOL

MaryNSC said...

I see U wipe your hands on your clothes too that Y I thought U wore BLACK..AHAHHHAH
I have got to get my card made..

Linda Shattuck said...

OMG! You are so funny! I love watchng your videos, you so know how and what to say, you make your videos funny, and thats what people look for, keep up the videos, and keep making me laugh!

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