Sunday, December 13, 2009

Joy2Christmas Gallery Slideshow and....

As I write this blog post, I'm sitting in my office watching YouTube videos with my hubby and oldest daughter. (Little one is in's 10:48pm).

Taylor Swift is my current fav...her song Love Story touches my heart and reminds me of when hubby and I met (he was 18 I was 16).

I also love Taylor's You Belong with Me. My oldest loves to mock me with this one....I was the band geek in high school and she is the varsity cheerleader. ;) If you aren't familiar with these, look them up. :)

I'm excited to share this slideshow with you. Christmas is a very special time of year for my family and I love looking at the great cards you all created! The slideshow is kind of fast, but don't forget, you can see all the creations in the gallery by clicking here.

If you are receiving this update via email, click here to see the slideshow.

On another note, remember when I mentioned my little one's hair for her dance competitions? Well, here's a photo...

This isn't the best picture (taken with my iPhone), but it shows what I have to do! It's FIVE huge rolls of hair. NO CURLERS! Just hair, gel, hairspray and bobby pins. Can you say CRAZY?!?!?!

I'm not good with hair...I'm really not. So, I got creative...I cut a toilet paper roll into thirds, gelled the hair like crazy and wrapped the hair around it and pinned it in place. We let it dry for three hours and then carefully pulled the tp roll out. NICE! I'll get a better pic when she competes again. :)

Big hugs!


Anonymous said...

I just watched the video and I must say it is fantastic - does your hubby do all of it? The cards are also great. I was going thru my stamps last night and found an older stamp collection (old traditional kind) by you Stephanie!!! LOL
Keep up the great work - I luv your stamps. Suzanne in Arizona

Liz said...

i LOVE T. swift she is my fav. 1 of my girls is in vocals lessons and she sings T. swift songs. and BTW nice hair do

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! that reminds me of when i was a teenager...many yrs ago... my Mama rolled my hair on TP rolls cut into pieces... a time or two.....too funny!!!
Marie in NC

research papers said...

Nice video.. I really love it..

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