Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{Quick} Tip! Are Your Socks On?!?!

Ok, hold onto your hats {and your socks}, because I'm going to knock them off with this tip! :)

{If you are receiving this update via email, please click here to watch the video.}

So, did it knock your socks off?!?! ;)

Oh, and for some great eye candy of our new sets....check these great cards out....

To check out the stamp sets, click here.

Big hugs!


Liway said...

Great tip Stephanie!! I have to admit - I was thinking you'd just inked the top....totally got me that time!! :) LOVE THIS!!! Can't wait to try it!! :)

Denise said...

Great tip! I'm with Liway and also thought you had just inked the top so fooled us! LOL
Great, easy idea and I love it!

Jennifer said...

Love it! Can't wait to try it!!

Karen and Kyle said...

I love this! I just got some of these folders, so I'm definitely going to go give it a try right now!

Unknown said...

does your husband make house calls? I need someone to come clean my folders for me, my husband won't!

Norma said...

I LOVE it. Like the others, I thought you just inked it after embossing. Thanks for a great, easy idea. I also have to commiserate with Cathy-my husband won't clean mine either!

Karen Kontrath said...

I just love that tip! I like the look better than just embossing the top. Makes it look like the paper was purchased as a textured paper. Love it!

Corey W. said...

my socks are knocked off! lol and those cards are SO cute!!!

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