Thursday, February 25, 2010

{Life} with Stephanie...New Episode!

We are busy packing, labeling and getting ready for the March 1st Stamp Set Debut!

We even put the kids to work! {Yes, they get paid...Lucky Ducks!} :)

Oh, Club'll be getting a little extra something in your package this month! {It's not a stamp, but something else.} :)

It's not too late to become a Club Member! Sign up now to get the special something.... :)

While you wait for the next debut, here's a {Life} with Stephanie video...don't forget, this series of videos is for diehards only. ;)

{Can't see the above video? I bet you are receiving this in your email box then! :) You need to click here to be taken to the video!}

The {Stamps} of Life


Andrea said...

ooh I always have to laugh as I see you videofilms
You such a crazy lady, I love it
hugs andrea

Denise said...

LOL Stephanie, I love how you can share something so silly with us. You are so down to earth....I love that!

Liz said...

LOL that was funny. love the video

Unknown said...

You are so hilarious! I loVe getting on to watch your videos! Thanks for always putting a smile on our faces!

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