Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Organization 101

I'm often asked how I organize my stamps, paper, and everything in between.

Here's a peek on how I store my embellishments...

{If you are receiving this as an email update, please click here to watch the video}

On a similar note, we are working hard on finalizing our stamp organization system. {woo hoo!} It's VERY simple. I mean, REALLY simple, but you will love the price. I mean LOVE the price!!! :) More coming in the next few weeks.... {It will be worth the wait...esp. if you are a Club Member!!!!}



Debi said...

I just love your enthusiasm Stephanie! I just joined the club last Friday and received my January set last Friday and my February set today,love them both!
Thanks much!

MaryNSC said...

OO that Spinner thing U got That is what I store my stampin up Punches in...:O)
I just got my Place picked up and organized again too.. CROSS FINGERS that i can keep it this way for a while.HEHEEH

Erin said...

Love the spice rack...super cute! What I have done with my organization is I bought those clear plastic bead storage containers that have like 15-20 spots and I put all my brads in one, all my eyelets in another, all my buttons in another, etc... And I have them all sorted by color. So if I need a pink brad, I get the brad container and instantly have tons of options for pink brads. Plus it's great having them all together because I go to a lot of crops so it's nice to be able to pack everything up when I need to.

Also, can you PLEASE tell me hubby that you can never have enough buttons? He just doesn't believe

Unknown said...

I use the organizer totes from CTMH. They have the small round containers in them and each tote holds tons... I have one tote for brads and one for eyelets. Needing to get another one for buttons. HTH

Jeanne Streiff said...

More buttons are always a good thing.

Denise said...

That video was so funny. I could just see myself standing there doing that. My biggest problem is that I am in multiple places with my stuff like I have some space in the closet in the front room, some in a cabinet in the office, some in the garage some in the bedroom...get what I mean! So when I have to find something I have multiple places to look! I am trying to get it all in groupings like brads, buttons and such though!
Thanks for the video!
Denise Wells

Anonymous said...

I used to have things stored like you do as you showed us on your video. But now I moved ALL of my embelishments in to "The ScrapRack". It is wonderful! Everything is in one place and easy to get to. I even take it to crops when I go and everyone is in awe when they see it so then I have to explain how it works. I just love it. You can find it at

Anonymous said...

You're so funny, but what you say is so true! I think I've tried every system there is and I always change my mind. I have to have a certain will be perfect if I just had those...and's not.

Oh well, that's half the fun...searching for things.

Judy in Fernandina Beach, FL

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