Monday, March 22, 2010

Eye Candy from our Great Design Team!

Our Design Team amazes me every month... they create the most wonderful projects! :)

Check them out for yourself! :)

This video features the following sets: Thanks2You, All4Moms, Late4Bday, and Quick2Border. {If you are receiving this in your email box, click here to check out the video}

Puppy News..."No Name" will have a name soon! :) We are still trying to narrow it down. That's what happens when three girls have to decide and agree on the same thing! ;)



Alice said...

I have tried to play this video at least 6 times! Is it me? Your videos normally play instantly. Help!!!

Paula said...

great to see all the cards I have sooo many favorites.Great job, team.

Tracey said...

Such an incredible team you have! So many gorgeous cards!!

Heather said...

Great ideas from you and your team. I just signed up as a member last Thursday and today I recieved my stamps in the mail and can't wait to use them. Looking forward to the months to come and the new creations to come.

kathy s said...

Great job from the DT -I thought maybe Marshmallow would be a cute name for your puppy- not sure whether it's already been suggested or not -but she sure looks-soft,light and fluffy like a marshmallow.

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