Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July 1st?!?! Already?!?

Where is 2010 going?!?

Can you believe it's already July 1st?

Well, I can't! But, the good news is, the first of the month means a new stamp set! Woo Hoo!

Here's the intro video...I can't wait to introduce you to this set AND the great border stamp! ;)

{Can't see the video above? Click here to be taken to the blog!}

Here's the set up close:

Here's my favorite card from the video:

And here are just a few samples our INCREDIBLE Design Team has created:

This one is by Deb Felts:

This one is by Beverly Sizemore:

Speaking of the Design Team, we also have two guest designers this month!

Tami Mayberry is visiting us this month! Here's a card she created with the summer4fun set....

Also visiting us {for three months} is Emily Niehaus. Here's a card she created using this set...

As you can see, this stamp set is very versatile! ;)

To see more from these great designers and our entire Design Team using the summer4fun stamp set, click here!

Club Members...your stamps are on their way to you! Along with another plastic storage sheet! :)

Not a Club Member? Now is the perfect time to join! Click here to read all about the great benefits...AND the extra goodies! ;) {Wanna know a secret?!? In AUGUST, all current Club Members will be receiving a Limited Edition FREE Mini Stamp Set!} Sign up now to qualify!

Big hugs!
The Stamps of Life

Friday, June 25, 2010

Yummy Eye Candy!

Check out this yummy eye candy from our Design Team! These projects feature Kites2Fly, Basic4abc, Stamped4You, and Swirls2build stamp sets.

{Can't see the video? Click here to be taken to the blog!}

What can I say?!? Our Design Team ROCKS! :)

Make sure you upload your creations to our gallery for the chance to win a free stamp set of your choice! The first week of every month I ramdomly choose two projects from the most recent gallery! YOU could be the next winner! :)

On a personal note...thank you all for the kind comments, posts and emails regarding our wedding anniversary! :) It was a very special day for us and your notes made it even more special! :)

Big hugs,
The Stamps of Life

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{Happy} Anniversary to my Hubby!

Today is the day that I married my best friend.

The one I laugh with,
Live for,
Dream with,
and Love.

(That's from our wedding invites...)

Twenty years ago {yep, that's right, 20 years!} I married Ken. Married my first real boyfriend. We met just two weeks after I turned 16 (he was 18). Got married three years later. {Yes, I was a 'teen' bride}.

They said it wouldn't last....

They said we were crazy...

Yes, we were crazy...

Yes, it did last....

And here we are, 20 years later.

I'll be honest, our marriage isn't perfect. We've had our ups and downs and some zig zags, too....

And at the same time, I can honestly say, without a doubt, I love Ken MORE now, then I did 20 years ago. The love I have for him is so much deeper than it was when we were kids.


Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for being such a great Dad.

Thank you for believing in me (even when others didn't).

Thank you for supporting my dreams.

Thank you for staying up late and shipping orders. ;)

Thank you for making me bacon every four days.

Thank you for everything you do around the house.

Thank you for driving carpool whenever you can.

Thank you for cooking dinner when we get home at 8:30 and we are all tired.

Thank you for working so hard at your 'real' job.

Thank you for holding me when I cry.

Thank you for knowing my insecurities and encouraging me to try.

Thank you for putting up with me.

Thank you for being our family's spiritual leader.

Thank you for praying for me and for your part in helping me find Jesus.

Thank you for going to all the cheer and dance competitions.

Thank you for editing all the videos and never complaining about hearing my voice over and over and over. ;)

Thank you for always letting me pick the restaurant.

Thank you for always opening the door for me.

Thank you for growing up with me and the history we share.

Thank you for buying the 'girlie' things Kirstin, Katie and I need at the store.

Thank you for letting me get a puppy.

Thank you for letting me get the two extra tortoises.

Thank you for doing all the math and bills in our house.

Thank you for reminding me to grab a sweater.

Thank you for driving a 14 year old car.

Thank you for just smiling when my family tells the same stories over and over again.

Thank you for making me laugh.

Thank you for being my 'other half'.

I love you.


Monday, June 21, 2010

{Life} with Stephanie Video and More...

Hello, Friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying the early days of summer! My girls have two more days of school and then we are FREE!!! ;)

Summer is my favorite time of year...the beach, the pool, the sun...I love it!

But, there is something that is raining on my much so, that I created a video about the situation....

{If you can't see the video, click here to be taken to the blog!}

On a happy note, the DT girls at The {Stamps}of Life decided to throw out a bi- monthly challenge to each other.

Please feel free to play along with us!

If you are playing along with The {Stamps} of Life stamps or digital images please upload to the gallery on the site –> HERE <— with the keyword TSOLD13. Please link to one of our blogs so we can see your stuff!

Our challenge this week is “Flower Power!” (TSOLD13). Use flowers on your project.

Our players this week:

Deb Felts
Beverly Sizemore
Joana Studer
Jeanne Streiff

I've been so busy, that I'm using a card for the challenge that I created for the {Quick Tips} Video. If you haven't seen the video, you can find it by clicking here.

Don't you just love how I made this card so quickly and used the clouds to make flowers?!? ;)

Big hugs,
The {Stamps} of Life

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New 30 Second Card Video! {June Edition}

Have you heard?!?

We just released a new episode of A 30 Second Card {in 5 Minutes...or Less!}.

Check it out!!!

{Can't see the video? Click here to see it!}

Club Members....I just decided that you will be receiving another FREE storage sheet next month!

AND in August...well, let's just say, since it's my birthday month, YOU'LL be getting the FREE mini STAMP SET! ♥ You!

If you aren't a Club Member, now is a GREAT time to sign up! ;) Click here to see the incredible benefits!

The {Stamps} of Life

Monday, June 14, 2010

{Quick} Tip Video! ~ Kites2Fly Stamp Set

Here are some great ways to use your Kites2Fly and HappyBday2You stamps....

{Can't see the video? Click here to see it!}

Here are some great cards that I found in our Kites2Fly Gallery....

This card is by Design Team Member, Joana...she picked up on the cloud/flower idea right away! :)

This great card is by Rosemary....{Love the orange!!!}

And this card is by Gabriela in Spain....{Love the background!}

Rosemary and Gabriela, if you have a blog, contact me for a special Blog Blinkie!

Everyone else, make sure you upload to our gallery! YOU could be featured on our blog and you have the chance to win a stamp set of your choice! Once a month, we randomly choose two people from the past month's gallery to win! ;)

The {Stamps} of Life

Thursday, June 10, 2010

THREE Special Release Stamp Sets....Revealed!

YES! It's Special Release Time! Time for THREE new stamp sets! :)

Check out the introduction video:

{Can't see the video? Click here to see it!}

Here are the stamp sets up close:

Swirls2build Stamp Set 26 stamps on a 4x6 inch sheet. Large swirl stamp is approx. 4 inches tall. Regular Price $12.95 Club Price $10.95

Stamped4You Stamp Set 14 stamps on a 4x4 inch sheet. Largest stamp is approx. 2x1 inches. Regular Price $9.95 Club Price $8.45

Basic4abc 77 stamps on a 4x6 inch sheet. Stamps are approx. .5 inches tall. Regular Price $12.95 Club Price $10.95

{Don't forget, shipping is only $1 per set in the USA and $1.50 per set to Canada! Yes, we ship to other countries! Check our website for more details!}

I can't leave you without sharing a few fantastic cards created by our Design Team!

This one was created by Deb Felts...

From Deb: My young friend has been dating her beau for a whole year and wanted a card for him, hence this i <3 u sentiment with basic4abc. The cursive sentiment is from thanks2You.

Here's a card from Jeanne Streiff....

From Jeanne: I stamped a number of the swirl/leaf images in green from the Swirls2build set and then added a layered felt flower.

If you'd like to order these Stamp sets, click here. Club Members, be sure to log in to receive Club Prices!!!!

The {Stamps} of Life

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Eye Candy?!?

It's time to show off the incredible talent in our gallery!

Did you know that anyone that purchases a stamp set from us can upload their creations to our gallery? Next time you create a card or project, please upload it to share it with everyone!

Here's a great video showcasing the May stamp sets. There are four stamp sets featured in this presentation: banners4all, getwell2you, stars4you, and funky4lowabc.

{Can't see the video? Click here to check it out!}

The video also showcases our Gallery Winners! {Every entry in the current gallery has the chance to Win!....Just another reason to upload to our gallery!}

Congratulations go to.....
Laura in IL! I love how festive this pail is! It's a perfect way to celebrate the Fourth of July! To create the pail, she combined the banners4all and the stars4You stamp sets.

This card is by Candi. I love how she used the banners4all triangles to create diamonds! Such a creative idea!

Laura and each win a free stamp set of your choice! Please email me your pick! :)

Recently, a Club Member, Relda emailed me a request....

"I am in charge of raising money for the "Shop With A Cop" program. What this does is get kids from families and we give them money to shop for their family at Christmas time. The kids I get are in Foster care so they only see the negative side of the police as the police has been to their house to take them or one of the parents away. This shows them a positive side of the police. It is a great program I have be involved with for the last 20 years.

I usually raise money by selling craft projects. This year I had a company donate 250 envelopes to me for cards. The problem is that it would take me forever to make cards. I was hoping that maybe this could be presented to the Club Members and see if they could make a card and send it to me.

Just a Note: To fit in the donated envelopes, the cards have to be made out of a 7 x 4 3/4 so when folded it will be 3 1/2 x 4 3/4."

So, is anyone interested in donating a card or two? This is such an easy way to help raise funds to help some kids! :)

If you would like more info, PLEASE CONTACT RELDA DIRECTLY.... Her eamil address is: rsandgran@q. com (take out the space between the . and com)

Big Hugs!

The {Stamps} of Life

Thursday, June 3, 2010

{Life} with Stephanie...New Episode!

Our kites2fly set is flying off the shelves! {Yes, pun intended!} ;)

If you haven't checked it out yet, here it is:

If you haven't ordered it yet, make sure you get it soon!
{26 stamps for only $12.95....Club Members pay only $10.95}
Click here to order.

Here's a new episode of {Life} with Stephanie....

{Click here to see the video if it's not above....}

Big Hugs!
The {Stamps} of Life