Monday, August 9, 2010

{Quick} Tip Video!

Hello Friends!

We are home safe and sound. We had a FABULOUS time in Santa Clara! We met so many great stampers {and scrapbookers we are turning into stampers!} ;)

We also got to meet some Stamp Club Members and signed up some new ones! We tried to get pictures with all of the Stamp Club Members, so you'll be seeing those soon!

There are a few pictures on our Flickr Page. You can find them here: Set Up Pictures

Lots more pictures coming soon! :)

Here's a Quick Tip Video to share....How to do EASY PEASY Masking! ;) Also known as how to Cheat at Masking! ;)

{Can't see the video? I bet you are getting this as an email update! ;) Click here to see the video!}

Did you see this incredible card in the gallery that Deb Felts created using the swirls2build set AND the trees2build set? Wowsers!!!!!

I {need} to stamp today! ;)

Big Hugs to you!


Jannarama said...

The Robot went to the DMV and waited for HOURS?! LOLOL! THAT is a hoot!

Thanks for the tip!

Cathy P in AZ said...

Love the simple tip...and you do make me laugh, Stephanie! :) Thanks for sharing and the smiles, too.

MizMaryAnn said...

Great tip. I've learned a lot from your masking tips. Maybe the Robot didn't take a number at the DMV!

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