Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Time to Meet.....

You've met Cookie, and now my hubby, Ken. It's time to meet the torts!

Check out the video intro.....

Can't see the video? Click Here!

Here's a link to the "Lost UB Post"

The first is almost here! It's almost New Stamp Set day! :)

Did you see the sneak peek on Facebook?!? If not, here's the peek...

Hmmmm.....I wonder what the stamp set looks like.... Ha! I know! ;)

The Stamps of Life


tala1947 said...

Love the tortoises. I live in Midland, Texas and we have Eastern Box turtles. I have as many as 16 in my back yard. They come and go because they can get out. They have problems with eye infections so sometimes they have to go to the vet and we have to keep them penned up and give them shots. We took one named Myrtle Mae camping with us once because she wasn't through with her round of meds. I need to get the stamp set because of the turtles, and because I am notorious for being late with BD cards. Thanks for sharing.

MaryNSC said...

O MY gosh that is so SWEET I m so Glad U got him / her back..:O) U B GOOD U~B..:O)

Cathy P in AZ said...

Hee hee you never cease to amaze me Stephanie! What neat "pets" tortoises are! And they do get away - recently my brother found a large desert tortoise (about 80 pounds!)right by his front door. His owner came looking for him door to door and retrieved him but he was quite a ways from his house too! :) Well that was fun - thanks for making me smile today!

Debbie said...

give UB my love! I have a water turtle, red-ear slider, named Sam, a girl for sure...I love her!!! although when I try to rub under her chin on tank cleaning day she hisses...LOL...still love her! thanks for sharing!

Warm n Wonderful said...

I don't have the link for the lost UB post

Anonymous said...

It's almost 1am and I just watched your UB video. I busted out laughing! My parents had a tortoise for years. He just showed up one day and never left.

We named him Harvey, because my parents lived on Harvard Ln (I sent you an email & mentioned where they lived all the streets in their tract were named after colleges)

We painted the letter H on his back so if he ever got lost we could prove he was ours, although in reality he really wasn't ours.

He is probably still living at that house although we sold it after my parents passed away. We didn't even think of looking for him.

I almost fell off my seat when I realized you kept stroking UB's shell during the video, as if he/she/it could feel you.


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