Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A New 30 Second Card!

It's time for another episode of a 30 Second Card {in 5 minutes!}

I wonder if I beat my best time...you'll have to wait and see!

Can't see the video? Click Here!

I also wanted to share this awesome card with you...
Deb designed this golden masterpiece. :)  I love how she used the swirls2build to make her own patterned paper and then the 'matching' swirls ornament from Holly4Christmas!  Awesome!

Happy Crafting!


The Stamps of Life


Tracey said...

I just love these videos Steph!! A very adorable card!! xx

MaryNSC said...

That was FUN!!! I like it when U go OVER I learn more..HEHEHHE
O MY gosh that card DEB made needs to go in a MUSEUM its BEAUTIFUL!!!
Sence Ken will not make one What about for Halloween he dresses up as U and makes one then.. I will wait that LONG..LOLOLOL
He can be growing his hair out.. HAHAHAHAHAHHA

Heidi Bound said...

This card is great! I love the Christmas balls. :)

Basement Stamper said...

You are hilarious, love the videos!

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