Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All Across The World....

Club Members are starting to receive their houses4us stamp sets!  :) 

AND, Club Members are receiving a FREE Limited Edition Mini Stamp Set!   Every few months, we like to say "Thank You" to our valued Club Members by including a little goodie.  ;)

I often get asked if you have to be a Club Member to purchase our stamps.  The answer is no.  Anyone can order our stamps at anytime at regular price.  {Our regular price can't be beat!  4x6 stamp sets are only $12.95}  Shipping is only $1 per set in the USA.  Canada is $1.50 per set.

I ask you, Where can you get HIGH Quality, MADE IN THE USA, clear stamps for only $12.95?!?!?!  {grin}  And Club Members pay only $10.95!  ;)

Here's a great card by Vicki using the new houses4us stamp set....

I love how she used the 'tree tops' for clouds!  :)

Check out our gallery for even more inspiration!  We have over 2600 ideas just waiting for you.  ;)



Fab said...

Stephanie I simply love your stamps. I used them yesterday for a live webcast and everyone agreed how cute they were. I also like the nice touch in the packaging, the fact that the covering sheet is attached to the back sheet is genious so we don't lose it. I'm looking forward to receiving this stamp set and the gift. I'm so glad I joined your club, it was a no brainer. And by the way there's no way I could get stamps of this quality at your price point in the UK. The last set you sent me came up at £8.62 British Pounds...and that includes shipping ! That's super amazing value if you ask me... Keep up the good work Stephanie ! X Fab

The6ofusinca said...

I got my stamp set today and I have to say this is going to be my all time fav go to stamp set!!!! I love love love it!!!
Super cute bonus stamp too!!
I look forward to getting my package every month and I am never disappointed!
My God continue to bless you and your journey!

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