Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A {New} Life With Stephanie Video

Hello, My Friends!

You all know how much I love my Diet Coke (and Diet Dr. Pepper), but when you see this video, you'll know just a little bit more about the addiction....

Can't see the video? Click Here!

It's funny.  Whenever I meet people who watch my videos, they usually say two things.

1.  "You are much shorter in person."  Yep, this is true.  I'm kinda short.

2.  "I feel like I know you!"  Well, if you watch the Life with Stephanie videos, then you really do know me! I don't hold back on these crazy episodes.  I let you see the real me.  Faults and all.  I want you to know I'm only human.  I'm not anyone special.  I'm just me. 

The Stamps of Life


Ladybug said...

I laughed out loud at this video. You described our house addiction to the competitor. We LOVE Diet Pepsi! Thanks for sharing!

Michele Swanberg said...

Too funny! I am also addicted to Diet Coke (and Tootsie Rolls). LOL! I won't drink any other soda. If a restaurant serves Pepsi products, I order water or tea. I prefer my diet coke chilled in the can. Thanks for sharing!

MizMaryAnn said...

You are so funny. I love that story. My daughter is sooo addicted to Diet Coke. I keep telling her she's going to have stained teeth and a acid eaten stomach! She doesn't care.

Amy524 said...

I had to laugh at your video, because I live on Coke Zero and we buy it by the ton whenever it's on sale, and what happened to you sounds just like things that happen to me. Have a great day Stepahanie and keep laughing!!! Oh, and I also live in sweats and pajama bottoms, how funny is that...lol.

Jennie said...

Just too funny Stephanie! I would have laughed too... you are a hoot! I certainly enjoy your videos and love being a new club member :)

cdmac said...

Oh Stephanie... In NC we have something called Cheerwine. It is a cherry drink like no other... it is the BEST!!! However..... if you spill it no matter what on it will stain. I have a WHITE kitchen, (By the way it tends to have a lot of carbonation in Cheerwine even more than Coke and they like to explode when you open them). I dropped a 2Liter just like you did and Cheerwine (RED) went all over my WHITE kitchen! However I was not laughing then..... I do now but not then........ I feel your pain!

Juls said...

Thanks for the laugh! I love your attitude about life and share your diet coke addiction! Oh the crazy events that happen in life!

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