Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello, My Friends!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones!  :)

I'd like to share a special video with you...it's a video about my trip to South Africa.  I do a lot of 'chit chat' in this video...but, if you wait until the end, you'll see some amazing photos of my trip!  :)

Can't see the video? Click Here!

The Stamps of Life


Mel said...

Wow what a wonderful trip, and your pictures were beautiful! What an experience for you and all by yourself too! Yea for you and thank you for sharing your great pictures, I especially liked the black and white ones!

MizMaryAnn said...

Oh my what awesome photos. I loved all of them. You had such an incredible trip.

ColleenF said...

What an awesome learning and growing experience for you. Now you know you can go anywhere, although that 36 hours of travel sounds truly daunting to me!

txxstitch said...

Love the chit chat and wonderful photographs you've shared! You are living the life many of us only dream about, especially us shut-ins. So many, many thanks for sharing. You're like a ray of sunshine.

Lilie said...

Thank you for sharing your happy fun filled trip. These photos are so beautiful to look at. Thanks!

Madeleen said...

What a fantastic trip you had! I was born and raised in South Africa and have been living in New Zealand for almost 12 years now. It sounds like you flew to Port Elizabeth (PE).

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