Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A {New} 30 Second Card Video!

Hello, My Friends!

I know you love the 30 Second Card Videos.  I get emails all the time from crafters that love to watch these segments.  :)  I love doing them, so it's a great gig!  :)

Well, this episode is NOT to be missed!  Something different happens in this one.  I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it!  ;)

Can't see the video? Click Here!

See?!?  I told you!  ;)

The Stamps of Life


Unknown said...

I am a new club member FINALLY!!!!! Yaaaa me! It was a goal for this year and now I am in! I LOVE LOVE your videos, they make me laugh and inspire me! I want your life girl! You are living the dream. Great Froggy card now I have to hop on over and purchase those sets!

Thanks for sharing your talent with us

kathy s said...

this was hilarious as usual- thanks for the smile for today-and who cares what time it took its a great card and quick

Skrimp N Skrap said...

Your videos are dangerous to my pocket book. When I first saw this new froggie special release I thought, "oh, I don't really need that." After I see your special release video and this 30 second card video...well, now I gotta have it. Too cute and your videos are always a joy to watch.

MackieMade Paper Creations said...

You are hilarious! I hope you got your Olive Garden!!!

Lilie said...

Wow!..You know what? I was recently thinking how it would be nice if you would add a timer clock on the video below. How nice!! I hope the timer clock is here to stay for good. Thanks for the fun video as always :)

Jennifer said...

I love this video. You always crack me up. The card turned out great. I miss you sweet cousins! Big hugs from us! blessings~~~~~

MaryNSC said...

O my face hurts from smiling U R SO FUNNY!! KENNY is FUNNY TO!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope U made it to OG!! OK I on my way to make it...:O)

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