Monday, November 26, 2012

Meet Kirstin!

Hello, My Friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had a marvelous day with friends and family...and, we took most of each day off!  :)  We only worked an hour here and there, so we are all well rested and ready for the Christmas rush.  :)

I thought I'd share a fun "Behind the Scenes" Video with you today.  In this episode, you'll meet Kirstin...(aka my oldest daughter)...and what she does for our company....

Can't see the video? Click Here!

Isn't Kirstin adorable?!?  I don't know what I would do without her her.  I'm amazed at how well she handles customers (she even deals with the big guys for us...companies you'd find in Michael's, AC Moore, etc.!)

She is so much like level headed, number oriented and organized.  Pretty much the opposite of me!  :)

The Stamps of Life


Mama Pea said...

This is so cute and so wonderful to have your family involved like that. What a dream come true! I've always wondered if you manufacture the stamps yourselves, too. That's neat that you do it for other companies as well. What's Kirstin's major? Business???

Basement Stamper said...

She's gorgeous and so lucky to be working with such wonderful bosses :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Stephanie. Your daughter is very pretty and seems so nice. Hugs, Mandee

MaryNSC said...

O she is precious alll Look like sisters...:O)

joy said...

Love the peek into your company and family. We have a family owned company also and it can be fun! Kirstin is a cutie! She seems to be so sweet. Thank you!

Vicki G said...

Awwww Stephanie! Such a sweet video and Kristin is BEAUTIFUL....just like her momma~

Barb g (WV) said...

What a fun video!!! It was great to meet Kirstin and hear how well she is doing in the family business. Since I live on the east coast and will probably never have the opportunity to come to your area, I would love to see a video with 'snipets' of the business site with everyone working in their areas. How funny to hear that Kirstin has to keep her Dad on his toes when it comes to paying the bills! Thanks for sharing your life again...I always look forward to these videos. They always make me laugh and smile.

Bon Bob’s Delights said...

What a sweet video! Loved meeting Kirstin! I had no idea your company/business was that large. That is very impressive for the short time Stamps of Life has been in business! I agree since, I live in the midwest, it would be fun to see 'snipets' of the business site!!! Congrats on the success of Stamps of Life and Create It; I hope I have the name correct!!

Stephanie Barnard said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet words! Kirstin's major is actually psychology. :) I'll only have her at Cre8 It for a few more years and then she'll leave me for a 'real' job! :)


mariangel said...

she is adorable congrats

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