Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Did someone say, "Let's Go?"

Hello, My Friends!

I'm home for a brief minute...I'm off to New Hampshire on Wednesday night.....  I think I'm getting caught up on everything I need to do around here....(Yeah, right!)

This trip to NH marks my SEVENTH trip in SEVEN weeks!

Let's see.....
Northern CA
Grapvine, TX
St. Louis, MO
Calgary, Canada
Boston (Yikes, that was a difficult trip...)  :(
and now....New Hampshire

Then, I get a whole week off from travel!  Wowsers!  What shall I do?!?!?  ;)

After my week off, I'm headed to the Great Lakes Mega Meet!  Woo Hoo!

I'm often asked, how on earth I survive this much travel.  Well, here are a few reasons I can do it....

1.  I LOVE meeting up with my FRIENDS!  I get to see so many of you when I travel.  THAT makes it SO worth it!  :)
2.  I LOVE what I do!  This isn't a job....it's such a blessing that I get to share my love of stamping and die cutting with you!
3.  I SLEEP as soon as they turn the airplane's engines on!  I mean I go STRAIGHT to sleep!  Many times I wake up mid flight thinking we haven't taken off yet!  ;)
4.  I have an AMAZING team at the office that take care of the shipping, emails, class kits, etc.  Without my TEAM, I couldn't do this!
5.  I have an AMAZING web designer that keeps track of each release on the website.
6.  I'm blessed with an amazing husband that supports me.  Ken is truly amazing to put up with me!  ;)
7.  My daughters are wonderful as well!  They sometimes travel with me to help!
8.  And whenever I get tired, discouraged or down, my Heavenly Father picks me up, dusts me off and encourages me to continue.  I give all GLORY to Him.  If you see me shine, it's only because HE gives me the ability.  Through Him, I find rest.

And now, here's an oldie but goodie video on how I sleep....THIS is how I sleep on planes.....

Can't see the video? Click Here!
Happy Stamping!


kateri said...

You are just hilarious and I think you should introduce your husband to the world. You could have a contest "Best Guy Behind the Scenes" and the prize could be a gift card for either a black sheet or a pair of flannel pants. I live in Washington State and I wear flannel pants all day long! I bet you're just a leeetle bit envious that I can wear my flannel ALL DAY long if I want to. Love your show. Plus you have a big gulp cup and so do I! I have several!!

Mimi's Merry Messages said...

My husband works overnights and sleeps during the day..we have black out curtains in our bedroom and he does the beanie "trick" too... this way if I forget and flip on the bedroom light it won't disturb him..and we are like you too...t-shirt and flannel pj bottoms or shorts (since we are in Texas)

Teresa said...

Not only are you too busy, but you are too funny! I had never seen this video before today so I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Life with you must be a riot! : ) So glad you "keep the faith" during all your hustling and bustling around!! : )

Warm n Wonderful said...

I see you were in Canada recently, if you are ever in Toronto again, please let us know, so that I can sign up.

MackieMade Paper Creations said...

You are so funny! This was my first seeing this video! I can't believe y'all sleep with beanies on!!!

Dania said...

I love this post. I love how you count your blessing and I love how you know where your strength comes from. Thank you so much for sharing! and thank you for the great product you produce. Stay safe in your travels and I can't wait until you return to DFW area again. :)

Mary said...

Stephanie you make me laugh all the time. I'm watching this and it's 10:45 pm.My mom is or was (lol) sleeping.It has to be never a dull moment living with you. And as for the flannel's, tell your hubby that it's a woman thing b/c I wear them all day everyday when I'm home. Keep up the video's. I LOVE them.I see your going to be in Lancaster in July and I'm hoping to be there. Safe travels to you and God Bless

Ronda said...

You are so funny and I feel like your best friend....I love how your strength comes from The Lord because I believe the same Stephanie. Wear whatever makes you comfortable. I wear p.j. Bottom or sweats or short depending the weather no jeans your right you can't sit comfy in them. God bless you and keep you safe as you travel where ever God has you go. You are blessed your office team always answers my questions when your not able to and I appreciate it and I get my order faster than any other company I order from big thank you for your making me laugh and having fun and being a friend with each of us Stephanie. Love ya, Ronda

Dianne said...

Ahhhhhhh!, your human.

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