Monday, August 5, 2013

Check out what I found!

Hello, My Friends!

I had a few minutes the other day, so I checked out our AMAZING gallery!  Did you know we have over 7500 ideas posted in our gallery?!?!?

I fell in LOVE with this card by Trinka K. in TX. 

I love how she combined Award2stamp, Bubblegum4me and Moregum4me to create this card!!!




Trinka, thanks so much for sharing in our Gallery!

Happy Stamping!


Unknown said...

i love this omg!!!! TFS!!!

Jean said...

Hmm...ideas are forming...thanks for the inspiration!

Dania said...

Lol! Yes Miss Trinka does beautiful work.

Trinka said...

Thank you Stephanie! What a great Monday to open up my email to see my card! What a surprise! Thanks Stephanie for your great stamps and to you awesome design team that give us great inspiration every month! Thank you ladies for your nice comments! Y'all made my day great!

Sandy said...

she's got the banner die in there too!!!

Debby Pannell said...

Thanks for sharing this adorable card. I need to check out your gallery more.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, you have put the fun back into stamping for me, Thank YOU!!!
I am 70yrs old and have been stamping a looong
time.(not 70yrs, ha ha)
keep up the good work, and I love being a new member,

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