Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Did You Know?!?!

Hello, My Friends!

Did you know that The Stamps of Life offers Personalized Stamps?!

They can be address stamps, Created By stamps, or anything your heart desires!

My personal favorite Personalized Stamp is the Brackets Stamp!!

These Personalized Clear Stamps make a PERFECT gift! For a friend's birthday, I would LOVE to get them a Personalized Stamp, an Ink Pad Set, and Acrylic Blocks so they can make their own creations!! SO CUTE!!!

There are 7 different designs available and the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!! Go check them out!!!

Icon Label Stamp

Happy Stamping!


Pat said...

I have two personal stamps. I love them. I will stamp several at a time on adhesive paper then cut out as needed for labels for the backs of my cards. I store them on a small acrylic block and cover with the original art work.

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