Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Drop-in Die Sets Are HERE!!!

Hello, My Friends!

All SIX Drop-in Sets are now available on our website!

You've been waiting (and WE'VE been waiting!) They are finally here!!!

The 'standard' Drop-ins are for the front of the card. 
 Club Price is only: $24.64 (Regular Low Price: $28.99) 
Click Here for more info! 
The Sizzix 3-D Drop-ins are for the inside of the card.
Club Price is only $24.64 (Regular price only $28.99) 
Click HERE for more info!

Happy Stamping!


Hanna Lyons said...

are there tutorials on line somewhere about how to put the 3-d drop-in together and how to attach them to an outside card? Thank you.

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