Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Stephanie's Stamp Pad! Free Video Classes!

Hello, My Friends!

We have a nice surprise for you!
Every Wednesday look for a new FREE VIDEO CLASS at Stephanie's Stamp Pad!

Learn how to make this very fun Elegant Flip-it card HERE on today's edition of Stephanie's Stamp Pad!

Happy Stamping!


Cindy said...

Thank you, thank you. I was hoping that sometime you would do this type of video. I have just purchased the "drop ins" and I am a little confused. What an awesome addition. Again, thank you so very much for this.

Unknown said...

I watched the "Stamp Pad"this afternoon, it was very good.

Unknown said...

Stephaine thank you so much for the "Stamp Pad" video. I feel like I'm right in a class with you.
I live so far away from where you teach/ attend conventions and that's really sad for me :(
So I'm truly blessed that you are taking time for this extra little treat. I'm looking forward to the next one already.

Blessings to you

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