Sunday, March 13, 2016

Creative Idea

Hello My Friends!
Do you remember a couple months ago when we posted about labeling our ink pads? See the post HERE.

Well, we're at it again... This time we were looking for a solution for how to store our Blenders4ink and how to identify them!

Funny, the same solution worked perfectly. First we inked Avery labels with each color.

Then we added them to the top of the Blenders4ink.

Then we picked a plastic storage container and lined them up in the box. They stand up perfectly, they don't get contaminated with other colors and they are easy to move to your workspace or to put away.
If you really wanted to get fancy you could print or write the color name on the label too!
Happy Stamping!


Adri Myburgh said...

Awesome idea. They all look so pretty and colorful. I have never seen these Blenders4ink tools. But great job, Thank's you for sharing.

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