Saturday, July 7, 2018

New Releases Today!

Hello Friends!
Happy Saturday! We are excited to bring you two new fun sets today!

corgi2stamp, This long requested dog is available today and just in time to welcome Stephanies new grand dog, Lemon!

For all the cat lovers out there, we didn't want you to feel left out so we have this adorable cat2pudgie! He's super cuddly and loves to stamp! You can adopt your new cat2pudgie HERE!

Before you go see what stephanie has to say about her newest stamp pets!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and don't miss our next few posts as we bring you some great inspiration for these new sets!
Happy Stamping!


Karine said...

Love, love, love the Corgi stamps!

Sara said...

Love the corgis! You'll have to take your grand Corgi to Corgi Con in San Francisco's Ocean Beach in October. My corgi Luzy and I went to the one in June. There were 1087 corgis that attended ! Was a fun day .

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